Size 4 Face

Our mobile application "Size 4 Face" supports the fit of half-mask to the user's face.

Nextapps engagement: Android, ARCore, Augmented Faces API

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We had to build an algorithm capable of measure digitally scanned faces, possibly in the most accurate way. Plus, we had to take into account that the mobile phone camera is imperfect. Provided scans could have some errors in measurements. Another part of that challenge was that none has ever made such an app before.


To overcome all of the difficulties, we had to:

  • prepare proper algorithm,

  • master the face dimensioning function,

  • make use of augmented reality,

  • provide with intuitive and relatively simple UI.

Photo of Krzysztof Makowski

Krzysztof Makowski

Department of Personal Protective Equipment, Central Institute for Labour Protection

The NextApps team has prepared the Android mobile app for us. They have actively supported us during the designing process fulfilling all of the project’s requirements. They have shown excellent communications skills as well. Therefore I recommend NextApps company as a strong, elastic, and reliable business partner.


It was an honor - to build an application that soon can influence the future of many people. Such pleasant view - to see the technology ministering to people and making life a little bit easier. We love such projects. The interesting fact is that during creating CIOP, we have made use of Augmented Faces. This technology is more known for making fun with it. But we have used it to generate a digital 3D mask. Our app does not always recommend the best possible sized mask. The result still needs to be approved by a human. However, an application like this is a giant leap towards a brighter tomorrow.

Our mobile application "Size 4 Face" supports the fit of half-mask to the user's face.


We have been noticed and awarded. For creating the “Size 4 Face” app, we have received prizes from prestigious competitions in the research and scientific field, both in Poland and abroad.


We won the first prize in the Digital Society category.

Concours Lépine International Paris 2021

We won a silver medal.

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