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Seamless sewage disposal for suburban areas

Python Django, React Native, mobile application

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Rapid development of suburban areas leaves entire neighbourhoods disconnected from the public sewage system. Citizens need to take care of waste management on their own.

  • There is no register of sewage disposal companies that makes bookings easier.

  • Citizens book exports ad-hoc, with no reservation

  • Cess reservoirs don’t have gauges to notify owners that it’s time to book a disposal.

  • Disposal companies charge for the entire reservoir volume regardless of the actual sewage volume


Our Client was looking for a way to make waste disposal easier, on time and as economically efficient as possible. This is how the app was born.

  • Companies’ registers linked to disposal calendars make booking seamless.

  • Based on a prediction algorithm developed by scientists, the application shows the cess fulfilment indicator.

  • Notifications help to book disposal in advance

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Dawid Maus

Co-founder of

The developers I work with are doing a great job. They’re not afraid to ask about the purpose, business goals, or expected value of new features. I often hear about totally new proposals I have never thought of before. That’s a nice differentiator from software teams I worked with or heard of before.

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The application is the first step of a much larger project such as a closed water cycle. We want to track the waste from the moment it is picked up, through its removal to the treatment plant and then its re-delivery to homes via the waterworks. This way, municipalities will be able to locate those people and companies that pour out waste in prohibited places without caring for the environment We want to seal the sewage circuit so that the highest percentage of the water produced ends up in the catchment area. This is our goal and main premise. At the moment, we are actually available in almost all municipalities around Poznań, including all in the agglomeration.

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