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Fully automated biometric identity verification system

Flutter, Machine Learning

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The technology behind VeriOne is meant to shorten the customer onboarding process through a biometric identity check. Our team had to

  • design a robust and easy to use biometric solution based on machine learning algorithms,

  • seamlessly implement the software on the client's device.


By focusing on the priorities and implementing an agile approach, we were able to build VeriOne mobile app in only 2 months.

Mobile phone presenting VeriOne application home screen
Photo of Michał Frankiewicz

Michał Frankiewicz

Founder at VeriOne

I am pleased to give references for NextApps Sp. z o.o. for a professional approach and an effectively prepared biometric verification tool as well as the design of architecture of software enabling flexible module management at Hyber self-service kiosk and system VeriOne for Real-time identity verification. Such a service was well-prepared, engaged all staff and had perfect technical support.

Hand holding pen and mobile phone with VeriOne app opened


VeriOne uses a whole set of biometric tools

  • Thanks to leveraging machine learning, we were able to implement facial recognition mechanisms

  • The application compares a face from a picture with a picture of an ID card

  • Liveness detection - the app can identify whether the user is actually alive. This way, it helps avoid fraud.

Python’s ability to leverage machine learning is a great companion for React Native mobile development.

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