Devices with Intermarche web app screens


All information about revenues from franchise holders in one place

Nextapps engagement: node.js, angular


Intermarche used to collect revenue information from their franchise holders in an inefficient way. In order to make data driven decisions, they needed a partner who would:

  • Understand their business cases,

  • Propose a robust system architecture,

  • Advise on technology solutions,

  • Ensure data synchronisation between franchise holders and Intermarche headquarter.


We participated in the entire process, helping our client to set goals, prioritise and divide the immense system into deliverable parts. Agile process, with regular planning and review sessions made it possible to successfully deliver the application and maintain it afterwards.

  • Agile development

  • Continuous integration

  • Cloud architecture

Laptop with Intermarche application dashboard
Laptop with Intermarche web app dashboard open


Thanks to their new system, Intermarche can

  • Easily collect information from their entire chain

  • Calculate revenue real-time

  • Make revenue predictions based on historical data

  • Generate financial reports directly from the application

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