Walutomat user interface on mobile phones


Mobile application for a leading online currency exchange platform in Poland

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Knowing their competition was already ahead of them, Walutomat decided to

  • launch their robust and secure currency exchange platform on mobile,

  • provide full web functionality,

  • release mobile applications for Android and iOS within a limited time of 6 months.


Thanks to our experience with webview and a flexible and agile development process, we delivered both mobile apps by using the existing web API and enriching the applications with native functionalities.

Mobile phone with Walutomat app opened.
Photo of Maciej Sawicki

Maciej Sawicki

Product Owner at Walutomat

They pick up work quickly and take it through to the end - often in less time than we had required.

Mobile phone lying next to a macbook with Walutomat app opened.


Walutomat released their mobile applications as planned

  • Thanks to leveraging webview, we were able to use the whole set of web features in mobile applications

  • React Native expanded the apps with native authentication (Touch ID), deep links or force update mechanism

Webview+React Native proved themselves a strong mix for fast development of complex applications that already have their web version.

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